Slow and steady wins the race


You got a great reaction to your social media post; you got an inquiry from the post. Your hard work is paying off.

This is how it starts. It might seem slow and not a lot of potential clients are there. But it builds and builds.

Have a plan. Look for the long goal. Know your strategy and work it.

To borrow from American football – each play is focused to get to 10 yards (a first down), and each first down is focused to get to the end zone (touchdown). Sometimes you throw a bomb and get the score in 1 play. But usually, it takes multiple first downs to get to the end zone. And most of the time it’s 3 and out – you don’t even get that first down. But you still keep coming back and making the plays.

Don’t give up! Keep to the game plan. And always remember:

Slow and steady wins the race