Feeling like a “Reactor”

Feeling like you are always reacting? jumping into marketing tactics? trying exciting things kinda last minute?

A client of mine recently called with a success story. A contact told her about this ‘great’ event happening the next day and he thought he could get her a table to exhibit.

She thought about herself as of 6 months ago: reactive mode kicks in: running around changing appointments, getting materials together, dealing with the logistics to actually sign up for the table…

But the client of today in NOT reactive. She has her 5 questions to ask about the event and the opportunity. The answers tell her quickly if this really is an opportunity that will positively impact the business bottom line. Those answers told her ‘No, you don’t need to do this and you won’t lose anything”. She thanked her contact but she was going to pass this time and asked him to keep her in mind for future, more on-target, opportunities.

Here are the simple steps we used to help this client get more sanity into her solo business:

  1. Clearly define the business mission
  2. Clearly define the ideal client (and some periphery client demographics)
  3. Clearly define the right product for the right audience
  4. Clearly define the marketing strategy and plan (including budget)

Knowing these things, you can develop your list of questions to qualify any marketing opportunity that comes your way.

Need help becoming an actor-not-reactor? Contact me to get the answers to the 4 steps